Why we should stop questioning ourselves

We face them everyday: fears. They are basically surrounding our lives sometimes… and it can get quite overwhelming. I have been comparing myself to bascially everyone in the past years. Comparing yourself can be a good thing, you know. Sometimes you see the room for improvement and try to get better. But unfortunately, in most cases it’s not healthy for us. There is no reason to say things like: “oh I wish I was her”, “why is it always me?” or “why can everyone else have it and why am I the only one failing?” – because it’s simply not true

Here are my five reasons why you should stop questioning yourself and start believing in whatever you wish for.

  1. Everyone’s path is differently

    Have you ever read the same story twice – but with different people? Probably not. And thank god for that! Being your own “master” of life, deciding the things you want to do, creating your own ideas and choosing whatever you want is a wonderful blessing. It leads you exactly to the place where you have to go and believe me: everything happens for a reason. No matter if it’s pain or happiness: it was all meant to be and it happened at the right time. Don’t long for anyone elses dreams, start working on your own dreams. Being a boring “copy” of someone elses life is not the answer to happiness.

  2. If you don’t try – you’ll never know

    “One day…” – this is how this tragedy starts. In most cases this “one day” will never happen. We keep on reminding ourselves whatever we want to do but we just don’t do it. Or we just don’t try to make it really, really happen. There are so many ways to reach this certain point you see yourself at but still… we don’t do it. The first question is: do you really, really want this in your life? If so, second question: why don’t you do anything for it? Stop thinking about what whoever could possibly think about you. In the end it’s about your happiness and your life. It’s what you make of it. Simply say “yes!” to opportunities.

  3. Focus on the good

    Let’s face it: life can be super unfair. We all have been in situations in which we were asking ourselves: “how am I going to survive this?!”. In those kind of moments I tend to look back:
    When was the last time you had to struggle with something?
    How did you manage the situation?
    Can you learn something from it?
    You’ve survived.
    Think of whatever that makes you happy, speak to people about it, how you feel, why you struggle with this situation and how you want to change it. Breathe in. Breathe out. Everything will be ok.

  4. Make your weaknesses your strenghts

    Back in school I always thought that I wasn’t good at mathematics or sciences. I honestly focussed on the subjects I loved: languages and arts. Once I went to Uni I sort of realized: hey, you’re not that bad at mathematics – I mean it will never be your favorite subject but you get it! And that’s the point: I started to actually sit down, go throught the things I didn’t understand and asked for help. And there is nothing wrong about that. My “weakness” was no longer a weakness anymore. And this doesn’t just work for things like that… I works for all sorts of weaknesses in life. Sometimes you need a little bit of help from others and sometimes you just have to reach a certain point and then it just “clicks”. Be patient with yourself.

  5. Believe – in yourself!

    You are truly amazing – in your very own way. If people asked you what’s amazing about your friends you’d probably come up with a list of at least 100 facts why they are amazing. If you had to do the same task for yourself – you’d probably end up with 10 crappy facts that would sort of still question your brilliance. It’s pretty obvious that we don’t want to call ourselves pretty, amazing, talented or whatever. But why not? Why would you be ashamed of who you are instead of celebrating it. And that doesn’t mean that you have to be arrogant or selfish. It just means that you love yourself. That you know your value and actually care about it. Once you have found this love you’ll realize how much happier you are with yourself by just accepting the fact that there are some things that you might not love so much about yourself… but hey, you’re still pretty cool.


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Why we should stop questioning ourselves