Outfit: Autumn in Berlin


Jacket – Amazon
Scarf – Primark
Top – Primark
Bag – ZARA
Shoes – Adidas

If there is some sort of fashion rule in Berlin it’s flats… all sorts of flats. Like seriously, people barely ever wear any shoes with some kind of heels. It’s not like that I kind of follow that rule… but it’s true. I found myself wearing my Adidas Superstars so many times just because they’re so simple and easy to put on.

While the outfit is sort of “all black” I love this khaki scarf from Primark. I don’t know why but I kind of moved to Berlin, Autumn came and I realized: wow your selection of scarves really sucks. So that’s when I went to Primark and added this lovely scarf to my collection 🙂

By the way… those pictures were taken at Mauerpark. On my favorite day to go there: sunday! Why? There’s a super cool fleamarket, nice food trucks and a really funny karaoke show 🙂 So if you’re ever in Berlin on a sunday go there 🙂




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