One day in Hamburg

There are places you thought you’d never visit because it just didn’t happen too many times. In this case I am speaking of Hamburg. I don’t know how many times I have planned to go there, with several people but I always ended up not going… until now. Well, I have made it to Hamburg and I’ve spent an awesome day with a really good friend. The weather was perfect! If you want to see the whole story in moving pictures – watch out for my newest video on sunday 🙂

We drove there by car from Berlin which took us about 3 hours. In which we basically didn’t stop talking and singing. When we arrived in Hamburg we first got lunch.

Location: Urban Foodie, Großer Burstah 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

We went to this Place called Urban Foodie. It was one of those places that you see all over Instagram – and it was super worth it. First of all the interior looks super nice and kind of tells you what kind of food you can expect there: healthy food. We went for the vegan Pasta and vegan Curry which were both incredibily nice! 🙂


After a short time we both figured: ok, we have no clue about Hamburg let’s be very touristy and go for one of those hop-on-hop-off-busses! It was such a good decision! We had an actual Tour-Guide his Name was Wolfgang and he was super nice and we were able to ask questions and basically stop wherever we wanted on the route 🙂

We firs stopped at the Hamburg Harbour. It was so pretty and you can see all of the ships and the super big venue they have for the Lion King Musical 🙂 While we stopped we grabbed an Ice-Cream and walked around… super nice area 🙂

We decided to stop at “Schanzenviertel” which is basically the hipster-area of Hamburg. So many cool and small cafés, interesting streetart and people. To me it was the most interesting part of the city, even though the other parts were super beautiful as well 🙂

T-Shirt – Primark
Jacket – ZARA
Earrings – Topshop
Jeans – Primark
Socks – Amazon
Shoes – Adidas NMD
Bag – Longchamp

We had dinner at a Place called “Piazza” – the food and the staff were super nice!

Location: Piazza, Schulterblatt 84, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

Last but not least we had to go to the Reeperbahn. I mean once your in Hamburg it’s kind of a must 😛 It was suprisingly funny… I think once you’ve lived in Berlin you kind of get used to “weird” kind of people… so maybe not the area everyone would like haha!

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One day in Hamburg