Thoughts #2

Well, how can I summarize the past two months and what has been going on in my life? Just to quickly summarize: I ate my first ice-cream, went to the Drake concert, tried out Korean Food at a funny restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg, passed a super cute pink café, recorded some YouTube videos and spent some relaxed time at home…


1. My dog Sammy doesn’t like Berlin too much so he always refuses to leave the Hotel haha 2. I went to the football match Hertha BSC against FC Bayern Munich 3. My sister and I had to go to Shiso Burger once again – so good!

Let’s talk about february very briefly (and why peparing myself for those kind of months is super important): three out of four weeks I had someone visit me in Berlin. It’s a very nice thing – don’t get me wrong – but it’s very exhausting at the same time. My sister, parents and best friends came to the capital city and we’ve had the best time ever. It’s really nice to catch up in “real life” and talk about the things personally. Even though I have to say that nothing has changed. It’s kind of weird because everytime I see them it’s like I had only seen them yesterday 🙂


1. Had a great brunch at the restaurant “A Never Ever Ending Lovestory” 2. Filmed another YouTube Video 3. Received the cutest package from my grandma – It looked like spring in a box 🙂

Two of my best friends in Berlin celebrated their birthday this month which was so much fun! For one of the birthdays we went to Dudu31. It’s a really nice asian restaurant at Kurfürstendamm – I can highly recommened it 🙂

Another thing were two concerts! And hell yes – they were amazing! The first concert I went to this month was the Drake concert in Berlin. The Mercedes-Benz Arena went wild and the setlist was absolutely awesome because it was the perfect mix of old and new music. The second concert was the Berlin concert of Ed Sheeran. Let me tell you: I was so excited when the tickets went on sale because I knew how popular the tickets would be. So imagine me and my colleague at work fighting for them and luckily we succeeded – and it was so worth it! I had already been to his concert in 2014 which made me want to see him live again and still: he’s so great live and his new album divide is just amazing #fangirlmoment

Shopping-wise March was a horrible month. I basically went crazy and bought like four pairs of shoes and tons of clothing. Which lead to the fact that I banned myself from shopping until… London! Yes – you’ve heard right! I am going to London in April, which I am so excited about (already buzzin’ 😜). So you can expect tons of Outfits and Videos from this semi-annual trip that I do with my best friend.

1. Went home and met my friends and we had an amazing dinner together 2. Hung out with my dog at home 3. Celebrated my flatmates birthday with the best snapchat filter ever!


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