London Vlog – Day Four

The mission for our last day in London was pretty clear to me: Notting Hill! The last time we went to London we just went there very briefly to take some pictures as we had to go straight to the Airport afterwards.

This time I knew that I wanted to spend a little bit more time in Notting Hill. So we went there straight after breakfast, strolled around a little and saw the prettiest houses ever! I kind of feel sorry for the people that live in those buildings. I basically saw so many people taking pictures and posing in front of the colourful houses 🙂

On our way to Notting Hill we took the Bus 23 and I just told Amy: “You know what? Let’s just leave the bus whenever we see a nice building.”

So once we passed this building that I already saw when we were sat in the Bus – I had to leave. I literally ran to this house because it’s just so beautiful. While we were there other people passed and stopped as well to take pictures. I was kind of suprised when I saw this house on Victorias (InTheFrow) Instagram Account. Seems like it’s quite well known in the area of London 🙂

Some of the best cookies I have ever tried: Ben’s Cookies. We got them at the tube station Bond Street 🙂

How could we not visit Westminster and Big Ben while we are in London?! The view was amazing as usual even though we were kind of sad that the weather was not that nice on this day – however the view is still awesome!

I ate this ice-cream and I have to say: It was nice but not as nice as the one that I ate at Snowflake in Soho.

Final meal in London: Thai Food at a restaurant called “Brown Rice” in Notting Hill.

Goodbye drinks at Joe and the Juice at the Airport. I basically spent my last 5 pounds there and gave the coins that I had left over as a tip. Seems like I reached the goal haha!


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