like, where have you been?!

faux fur jacket
Jacket – Ernsting’s Family
Top – Bohoo
Jeans – Topshop
Bag – ZARA
Shoes – Kurt Geiger

well, life’s been really crazy lately. As you might have noticed I haven’t really uploaded anything on here for basically forever. If you want to make sure that I am still alive check out my instagram @lilliferreira. But let’s me real for a minute: I will definitely be more active on my blog again. Promise!

But let me explain to you what I have been doing for the past month. As most of you have probably read: I moved to Berlin. The move was pretty exhausting. I mean building up some IKEA furniture sounds easier than it is in real life and it’s very time consuming as well. I also started my first full-time job, met some amazing new people and just explored the city to be honest.

And then there’s this thing called winter (yeah, I kinda feel like we missed out on fall in Berlin) where the sky turns dark at like 3 o’clock in the afternoon and you’re sitting in the office like “well there goes my light for some outfit pictures” or I am just too tired to get dressed up. Anyways, I am definitely having an amazing time here.

Another thing I have been thinking about was putting more effort into my Youtube channel. I have been watching Youtubers since ages (like literally since juicystar07 a.k.a. Blair Fowler was the biggest guru out there). So I might put my focus on that as it is a lot easier to film, edit and create videos on my own. While creating blogposts always involves a photographer and some amazing light – for videos you can just buy some studio light. Yeah, I don’t know let’s see what will happen there 🙂

My friend took those pictures of me while visiting me in Berlin. I love this jacket so much. My sister got it some time ago and I fell for it so much that I had to get it as well.

fashionblogger berlin
blogger outfit
blogger berlin
bohoo top

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Outfit: Lilac Top and Reebok Trainers
like, where have you been?!