Easy Donut Recipe (Christmas Edition)

coconut donut

snickers donut

A long kept secret will be revealed today… it’s my Donut recipe. Well, if you have known me for quite a while you know that I am mostly going to show up with some kind of sweet at a birthday party. So my Donuts have been a favorite of many, many guests (people told me, I didn’t just come up with it :P). This is the reason why I am sharing this recipe with you. I actually got the recipe from the company (don’t remember the name, sorry!) I bought my first donut backing dish from. I usually use this kind of baking dish. Unfortunately, I haven’t found one on the english version of Amazon but I just really wanted to show you a similar one to the one that I have been using for years.

This is also a very special version of the Donuts because I normally don’t top them with nuts, rocher or snickers but I thought why not? You can obviously bake them with any topping you like – I normally go for chocolate and some sprinkles 😉 I thought those Donuts would be also perfect for the current season – I love caramel all around the year but yeah… just something not super for the winter time 😉

rocher donut


For 12 Donuts

200g flour

4 tsp baking powder

100g joghurt (if possible quark)

60g sugar

20g vanilla sugar

1 pinch of salt

4 tbsp oil

8 – 10 tbsp milk

For the topping



Desiccated coconut

Twix (mini)


Caramel sauce

easy donut recipe

Step 1:

Preheat the oven to 180 celsius. Mix the joghurt, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, oil and milk. After that sift the flour and baking powder on top of the dough – Mix everything.

donut topping

donut recipe

Step 2:

Oil the baking pan before filling it with the dough. Put the dough into the baking pan and bake for around 10 minutes. Watch your donuts as they shouldn’t become to brown. The goal is a light brown shade.

You can start decorating them as soon as they are cooled down.

donut mit snickers

caramel donut



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