Believe in yourself

believe in yourself

I’ve been thinking about life in general a lot lately… I mean during life there are so many given opportunities that we don’t take. Just because we are afraid of something, maybe we’re lazy, maybe we’re stuck in some kind of routine… or perhaps we just haven’t had the guts to finally just do it instead of thinking about starting all the time. I totally feel you. Most of the time in my life I am questioning myself, the decisions I’ve taken and the future – which is so scary to me way too often.

I often feel like we limit ourselves. You don’t want to know how many times I’ve been sat on my bed, trying to figure out the perfect layout for my blog, thinking of names, blogsposts – all that stuff… and I never ended up publishing any of it?! Why are we just thinking about the risks, the fear, those mean people talking about us? I am not as good as those other people, not that stylish… yadda, yadda, yadda.

I remember being in 11th or 12th grade when a former teacher of mine said: the world is yours – you can do whatever you want after you’ve finished school. And it’s true: it was my decision to study business (still thinking it was the right thing for me to do!), it was my decision to move to Berlin and be away from home for at least six months.

And most importantly: it was my decision to blog about the things I like. I mean: why not?! Everything is possible. I was sick of dreaming about the things I wanted to do and experience. I just did them. It’s such a nice feeling to see change and realize that it was one of the best things to start something new, challenge yourself a litte.

We should believe in ourselves – not just sometimes, every day! There is this little thing called mind which we can control. Those thoughts define you and you can change them. You can think whatever you want – it’s that easy. I am a true believer in “everything happens for a reason” and that if you really believe in something, work hard for it, vision it and keep on going – you’re going to succeed. This is my reminder to everyone: just start.

There’s no maybe.

There’s no tomorrow.

Vision your dreams.

Make them come true.

Believe in yourself.

It really works – promise!


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