Thoughts #3

Question number one: how is it possible that it is already May?! Question number two: where has time gone? But let’s start from the beginning: April.

I started this month of with a very cool Subway event in Berlin. A german fashion blogger called Merna Mariella invited me there. I got to meet her, bring one of my friends and eat as many cookies and sandwiches as I wanted to. Super yummy, I have to admit that Subway has been my favourite “fast food” chain since a very, very long time.

The weather in Berlin was very mixed this month. As you can see from the pictures there were definitely some super amazing days. But to be very honest with you most of the days were pretty cold for April and it was raining a lot.

Before leaving Berlin I went to a place called “Papa Pane” in Berlin. It’s supposed to be one of the best Pizza places here. The Pizza was great, indeed. We even tried the Nutella-Pizza which was awesome! I always wonder why people don’t want to try those kind of things? It’s just bread with pizza and fruits – I don’t see what should be wrong with that?!

I feel like April was the opening month of my “Visiting and Travelling”-Time this year. I did my very first trip to another country this month: London, UK. It was so cool to enjoy the semi-annual shopping trip with my best friend and just enjoy some nice days in London. The weather was okayish, actually super perfect for shopping (not too warm but still sunny). I vlogged the whole trip for you so you can watch it on my YouTube Channel if you want to.

After London we both went straight home for Eastern. I really love seeing my family regularly and it was just a really lovely time. Also hanging out with my dog is so much fun. Btw the mug that you can see in the first picture was a present for my nephew – I totally love this mug too!

When I was at home I tried many different japanese sweets that I’ve bought in London for my family and me (haha!). Those Koalas were filled with a strawberry flavour which means: pink filling (you can picture me freaking out because of this fact). I also got back to baking and did some donuts for our Eastern lunch. I took some photos for you and the recipe with a lot of amazing tips is on it’s way to you 🙂

After coming home from one week of basically just running around the world and always being busy I went straight back to work in Berlin. I managed to unpack my luggage like three days after being back in the city because I just didn’t have time to do anything. That weekend I was the biggest granny ever. I felt like I had to “organize” my life again and sort everything.

Well, reality hit me hard on the last week of April: I got super sick at the end of the week. I literally spent my weekend at home in bed watching “13 reasons why” and “Girlboss” on netflix and reading “We children from Bahnhof Zoo”. After being in bed for 2 days straight I kind of felt like I had to reconnect with people again and went for a really amazing dinner with my flatmate at “Ha An” in Prenzlauer Berg. The day after was May 1st and I had already planned the spend the day with some friends in the neighborhood “Kreuzberg”. It was a super lovely day, they blocked a lot of streets and instead there were crowds of people playing music and selling lots of delicious food. We stopped at Görlitzer Park and listened to different DJs.


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  1. May 8, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    Ah I love all these pictures, those doughnuts look so good! You have a lovely blog here by the way, well done you.. I know how much hard works goes into a blog like this! x

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