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When I went through my photos of Porto I figured that I could totally fill another photodiary with pictures – and I just have to share those photos with you. First of all: I miss summer A LOT! Second of all: I miss Portugal and just this whole travel feeling 😉

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Jacket – Amazon
Scarf – Primark
Top – Primark
Bag – ZARA
Shoes – Adidas

If there is some sort of fashion rule in Berlin it’s flats… all sorts of flats. Like seriously, people barely ever wear any shoes with some kind of heels. It’s not like that I kind of follow that rule… but it’s true. I found myself wearing my Adidas Superstars so many times just because they’re so simple and easy to put on.

While the outfit is sort of “all black” I love this khaki scarf from Primark. I don’t know why but I kind of moved to Berlin, Autumn came and I realized: wow your selection of scarves really sucks. So that’s when I went to Primark and added this lovely scarf to my collection 🙂

By the way… those pictures were taken at Mauerpark. On my favorite day to go there: sunday! Why? There’s a super cool fleamarket, nice food trucks and a really funny karaoke show 🙂 So if you’re ever in Berlin on a sunday go there 🙂





faux fur jacket

Jacket – Ernsting’s Family
Top – Bohoo
Jeans – Topshop
Bag – ZARA
Shoes – Kurt Geiger

well, life’s been really crazy lately. As you might have noticed I haven’t really uploaded anything on here for basically forever. If you want to make sure that I am still alive check out my instagram @lilliferreira. But let’s me real for a minute: I will definitely be more active on my blog again. Promise!

But let me explain to you what I have been doing for the past month. As most of you have probably read: I moved to Berlin. The move was pretty exhausting. I mean building up some IKEA furniture sounds easier than it is in real life and it’s very time consuming as well. I also started my first full-time job, met some amazing new people and just explored the city to be honest.

And then there’s this thing called winter (yeah, I kinda feel like we missed out on fall in Berlin) where the sky turns dark at like 3 o’clock in the afternoon and you’re sitting in the office like “well there goes my light for some outfit pictures” or I am just too tired to get dressed up. Anyways, I am definitely having an amazing time here.

Another thing I have been thinking about was putting more effort into my Youtube channel. I have been watching Youtubers since ages (like literally since juicystar07 a.k.a. Blair Fowler was the biggest guru out there). So I might put my focus on that as it is a lot easier to film, edit and create videos on my own. While creating blogposts always involves a photographer and some amazing light – for videos you can just buy some studio light. Yeah, I don’t know let’s see what will happen there 🙂

My friend took those pictures of me while visiting me in Berlin. I love this jacket so much. My sister got it some time ago and I fell for it so much that I had to get it as well.

fashionblogger berlin

blogger outfit

blogger berlin

bohoo top


brandenburger tor

I moved to Berlin for the first time on February 27th, 2015 for six months. That day changed my relationship to the city forever. I had been to Berlin once before back in 2011. I enjoyed the stay, wanted to come back, but never made it. I got to admit, that I always thought I’d end up in Munich. I always loved the city – but you know, life is a funny thing. When I got offered the chance to do an internship in Berlin I was a little bit scared but made one of the best descisions by accepting it.

The weird thing about Berlin was that only after one month of living there – I already knew that I’d move back. It sounds weird. You don’t really know the city after one month. You might know tiny parts of it – but you don’t know it really much. That kind of thought is really unusual for me.

Things worked out great for me – I especially loved those first months. After that some things changed. That doesn’t mean that it got worse or better. I was just full of emotions. I luckily found there a really good friend (hi, if you’re reading this!). Just someone who understands you, won’t judge you for everything and is there for you – no matter what (shoutout to all of my other friends and family – I know you guys are this way as well). But I guess, this whole experience wouldn’t have been the same without her. During those six months we had our ups and downs, we cried, laughed, shared our stories – we knew we’d stay friends even though I would move back home in summer.

Those six months passed by really quickly. My family and friends visited me regularly and we had the best time together. But there is one day in particular I was always really afraid of: my last day in Berlin. It ended up being one of the best days ever. On that day I took my parents car, drove my best friend to the airport, and me and my other friend drove around the city. We had the best ice-cream in West Berlin, walked down memory lane in the south of the city, ate a great burger at Burgerium in Friendrichshain… We were just talking about our time in Berlin and went to our last party. We left the party early because we felt like we needed to see the city even more. We drove around the different neighborhoods, walked around the city in pouring rain, laughed so much because we finally saw some places we only had heard about until then. We felt like Berlin was crying with us. That sounds kind of dramatic.

The day ended with a croissant that we ate in the middle of the night. We both went home but instead of going to bed I decided to finish writing my diary. Even though there were times when I was sad about certain things I kind of remained happy. I suddenly saw things differently – Berlin wasn’t that far away as it always seemed.

When I thought about leaving Berlin I always predicted that I would cry in the car. But I didn’t cry. I left Berlin crying inside knowing that the place I had to say goodbye to was not Berlin – it was my home. I knew that sooner or later I’d come back. I guess this “comeback” is now. You know what they say… the best stories start with a return.

Welcome back to Berlin.